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developed within the Faculty of Medicine of Nancy


Lack of training ?

The cause of 50% of serious adverse events (SAE) in robotic surgery

Distribution of causes of Serious Adverse Events in robotic surgery

The conclusion of an ANSM* investigation on da Vinci surgical robots is very clear :

« The results of this investigation […] confirm the importance of training and the significance of the learning curve of operators, especially in the present context of rapidly increasing use of these robots in increasingly diverse surgical areas.

It is important that every user should benefit from full training before carrying out surgical procedures, and that they receive regular follow-up as part of continuing professional education in the use of the robot. »

* Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé, “Bilan de l’enquête concernant les robots chirurgicaux da Vinci de la société Intuitive Surgical”,12 February 2014

Create your experience

Expertise can only be achieved through practice

75% of your time will be dedicated to exercises on simulators and robots.



Our curricula are designed for a single purpose: To allow you to build a solid practical base for the practice of robotic surgery.


While you are at the STAN Institute, 75% of your time will be dedicated to exercises on simulators and robots.


From the virtual to the real

The keys to progressive learning
Simulateur Mimic XTT

The dV-Trainer, created by Mimic Technologies, is the only da Vinci robot simulator certified by Intuitive Surgical. Because it faithfully reproduces all the features of the actual robot, it is the most effective way to develop a surgeon’s skills.

The XTT (Xperience Team Trainer) created by Mimic Technologies is the only robotic surgery simulator designed to help the first assistant gain experience and refine skills while working in tandem with the console-side surgeon. A wholly innovative device, when coupled with the dV-Trainer it means we can provide training in the skills and procedures that are specific to teams using surgical robotics.


Dry Lab workshops carried out with the da Vinci robot give the opportunity to consolidate skills developed on both the dV-Trainer and the XTT.


There are two certification options:

logo Université de Lorraine

Inter-university diploma

Your training can lead to an inter-university diploma from the University of Lorraine, The Diploma of robotic surgery, under the scheme operated by that institution.

logo STAN institute Certificat de participation STAN

STAN Certificate of Participation

Alternatively, you can opt for a certificate of knowledge and competence issued by the STAN Institute. This certificate of participation will set out your theoretical and practical results.


The Diploma in robotic surgery is accredited by European and French societies. See here what kind of accreditation you have depending on the sessions.


The “Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery” course consists of :

access to e-learning modules

General overview

5 “hands-on” days in Nancy

  • 16 hours on the Mimic dV-Trainer
  • 3 hours on the Mimic XTT
  • 9 hours on the da Vinci robot (docking, Dry Lab, Wet Lab)
  • 4 hours of microsurgery
  • 2 hours of medical team training
  • Meetings, workshops, round tables, observation in the robot suite, etc.

Price list

Training Only
  • Fundamentals of robotic training course
  • Lunches
  • Pass for public transport
€6,250 for all
Simplicity package
  • « Training only » package, plus
  • 5 nights bed and breakfast
    Hôtel Ibis 
€6,750 for all
Comfort package
  • « Training only » package, plus
  • 5 nights bed and breakfast, 5 dinners
    Hôtel Ibis 
€6,850 for all

In case the dates proposed below would be outside your availability, please contact us by clicking here

Prices include : 4761,10€ (University registration + administrative fees), management costs and special services for foreigners. 


The training is meant to focus on practice to carry out simple procedures without risk to the patient. To be useful and effective, it must lead to rapid practical implementation of the acquis. That's why we ask you to provide a CV and cover letter.

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