Robotic Microsurgery MasterClass

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Educationnel objectives

Development of knowledge and skills necessary to practice microsurgical robotic-assisted techniques

Peripheral nerve surgery:

  • Robot-assisted thoracoscopic harvesting of intercostal nerves for neurotization in brachial plexus injuries
  • Neurolysis of the outlet syndrome, long thoracic nerve and of the lateral thigh cutaneous nerve (meralgia paraesthetica).

Flap harvesting:

  • Robotic assisted laparoscopic harvesting of the rectus abdomini muscle flap and of the latissimus dorsi muscle flap via subcutaneous endoscopy

Gradual Training ProcessTeam-Training-Chirurgie-robotique-STAN-Institute-3

  1. Conferences: to define the scope of applications in robotic microsurgery
  2. Simulation: to develop / reinforce specific skills
  3. Dry lab: to strengthen specific skills
  4. Cadaver / pig lab: to consolidate skills before the first experience on real patient
  5. Live case observation: to observe a live case on human patient



  • Worshop-prerequesties-STAN-InstituteThis MasterClass is open to any surgeon with access to the robot for rapid application of the acquired skills
  • A practice in robotics in another area or prior participation to the Inter-University Diploma in Robotic Surgery* is mandatory; the level of the participants will be evaluated at the beginning of the course. Not fulfilling the prerequisites skills may limit the participants access to the actual robot (drylab and wetlab)
  • Skills in conventional microsurgery techniques are mandatory



* Inter-University Diploma in Robotic Surgery is open to surgeons of all specialties, as well as theater nurses.

Certification STAN Institute

logo STAN institute Certificat de participation STAN

STAN Certificate of Participation

Alternatively, you can opt for a certificate of knowledge and competence issued by the STAN Institute. This certificate of participation will set out your theoretical and practical results.


The “Robotic Microsurgery MasterClass” curriculum consists of :

access to e-learning modules

5 hours e-learning

5 “hands-on-training” days in Nancy and Strasbourg

  • 9 hours on the Mimic dV-Trainer
  • 20 hours on the da Vinci robot (Dry Lab and Wet Lab)
    • « konnyaku shirataki » anastomosis
    • chicken thighs artery
    • neurolytic techniques
    • long thoracic nerve
    • outlet syndrome
    • lateral thigh cutaneous nerve
    • latissimus dorsi free flap
    • vascular micro-anastomosis
    • intercostal nerve harvesting
    • rectus abdomini
  • live case observation
  • 2 hours of medical team training
  • Meetings, conferences (from USA, PUR Clinic), round tables, etc.

Price List

Training Only
  • Robotic microsurgery MasterClass training course
  • Lunches
  • Pass for public transport
€5,900 surgeons
Comfort package €6,600 surgeons


The training is meant to focus on practice to carry out robotic microsurgery procedures without risk to the patient. To be useful and effective, it must lead to rapid practical implementation of the acquis. That's why we ask you to provide a CV and cover letter.

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