Discover Nancy

From the town of the Dukes of Lorraine to a royal city

Nancy is located in the centre of Europe. At the heart of northern Europe, Nancy is close to Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. It is 90 minutes from the centre of Paris by high-speed train. All roads lead to Nancy !…

Nancy’s cultural and architectural heritage are exceptional. Stanislas Square is a UNESCO “world heritage” site, and Lonely Planet calls it the fourth most beautiful square in the world. Explore on foot to enjoy the Parc de la Pépinière, or to discover the secrets of Basilica Saint Epvre.


Ville de Nancy Villa MajorelleVille de Nancy cristalleries régionales Daum ou Baccarat

Nancy is also world-famous for its Art Nouveau heritage. You can stroll through streets where the architectural style of this period is preserved intact, in particular at the Villa Majorelle.
Enjoy the jewels of Daum and Baccarat, our regional crystal manufacturers.

Le livre sur la place Nancy

Nancy is a dynamic city. A university centre, it has a lot of live events. On the cultural side, you can enjoy the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival, the Livre sur la Place book festival, the Rendez-vous de la place Stanislas, le Jardin de Michel, le P’tit Baz’Art, or the Antiques Show.

Quiche Lorraine ville de NancyNancy is also defined by its good food and wine. Wines from Moselle and the Côtes de Toul are there to be appreciated. Apart from the inevitable quiche Lorraine, Nancy is the home of Lorraine pâté, Lorraine hotpot, Bergamot sweets, the “bouchées à la Reine” from the royal court of King Stanislas, and the famous Mirabelle plum brandy. Take a break at the “Hotel de la Reine” for lunch or dinner, or the “Maison dans le Parc” (a Michelin-starred restaurant).


If you feel like a snack, visit “Les Sœurs Macarons” shop to taste their famous macaroons or their Saint La bergamote de NancyEpvre speciality. The Place de la Primatiale offers a choice of wine bars. Finally, for a simple lunch with friends, head to the “Rue des Maréchaux” and pick any restaurant.

For shopping, try the “Rue des Dominicains”, “rue Gambetta”, “place Stanislas”, “rue Saint Jean”, the Saint Sébastien mall and “la Grand’ Rue”. Those streets offer a wide choice of shops, where you are sure to find the perfect item…

Nancy a city to be discover…