General outline

Introduce yourself to the true potential of robotic surgery

You may be in for a surprise

Da Vinci Si patient cart


What can you really do with a robot ?


What does robotic surgery mean for the members of the surgical team ?


And what does it really cost ?

Try it yourself

Assess the amazing resource that is robotics


We have the largest assembly of Mimic dV-Trainer simulators in Europe, at your disposal.

You can experience the tremendous capabilities of this high-tech tool.

Practical exercises with da Vinci robots give you hands-on experience of the techniques for using them in a surgical environment.



Benefit from the experienced approach of expert teams

Go to the heart of the clinical live action. The operations will have live commentary from renowned experts, ready to answer all your questions.


The various stages of the procurement process

Our expert partners will advise you on the costs and benefits of an investment in a surgical robot, and the procedures related to such an acquisition.

You can also benefit from the extensive experience of members of the international community of robotic surgery practitioners. In particular, they will set out for you the various options for organisation and liaison between the departments of your institution, and arrangements for training and continuing professional development.

  • ✓ Methods of financing
  • ✓ Educational programmes
  • ✓ Guarantees
  • ✓ Actual costs
  • ✓ Areas of application
  • ✓ Specialities to which robotics is relevant


The “Introduction to Robotic Surgery” course consists of :

access to e-learning modules

General overview

2 “hands-on” days in Nancy

  • 5 hours on the Mimic dV-Trainer
  • 2 hours on the Mimic XTT
  • 3 hours on the da Vinci robot (docking, Dry Lab, Wet Lab)
  • 2 hours of microsurgery
  • 1 hour of medical team training
  • Meetings, workshops, round tables, observation in the robot suite, etc.

Price list

Training only
  • Exploring robotic surgery training course
  • Lunches
  • Pass for the public transport
Simplicity package
  • « Training only » package, plus
  • 2 nights bed and breakfast
    Hôtel Cottage
Comfort package
  • « Training only » package, plus
  • 2 nights bed and breakfast, 2 dinners
    Hôtel Cottage 


Introduction to Robotic Surgery

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