• Develop your knowledge and skills to practice microsurgical robotic-assisted techniques
    • Peripheral nerve surgery
    • Flap harvesting


    • Session in 2020



The “Robotic-assisted Microsurgery MasterClass” curriculum consists of :

Access to e-learning Module

2 hours e-learning

Hands-On Training

  • 4 hours on the da Vinci robot (Simulator and Dry Lab)
    • da Vinci Skills Simulator (dVSS)
    • « konnyaku shirataki » anastomosis
    • chicken thighs artery
  • 14 hours on the da Vinci robot (Wet Lab)
    • « konnyaku shirataki » anastomosis
    • chicken thighs artery
    • neurolytic techniques
    • long thoracic nerve
    • outlet syndrome
    • lateral thigh cutaneous nerve
    • latissimus dorsi free flap
    • vascular micro-anastomosis
    • intercostal nerve harvesting
    • rectus abdomini
  • 3h of meetings, conferences (from USA, PUR Clinic), round tables.

Price List

Training Only
  • Robotic microsurgery MasterClass training course
  • Lunches
€3,700 surgeons



If you’re interest in this course and you need information, please contact us at info@stan-institute.com

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