Why these course ?

We share the same standards

Our jobs are dangerous, we must act quickly and the slightest mistake may have catastrophic consequences. We are fighter pilots, surgeons, operating room nurses, anesthetists.. We are risk systems operators and our activities require to combine performance and safety.

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Develop your own situation awareness in all circumstances

Managing conflicts inter-individual and organizational

Learn to share leadership to be more effective

Make decision under strong time constraint

Adapt cognitive strategies to the constraint

Our jobs are exceptional,

Our training must be equal.

Further training

Classical training is no longer enough


The “classic” courses generally provide a theoretical knowledge base and an enriching experience sharing.

However, they do not directly confront participants in objective observation of their behavior and their professional practices.

This step is necessary, to be able to adapt its attitudes in any situation, including risk systems management.

A new tool

from the air force

o fill this gap, experts in Human Factors of air defense have developed specific training : the MOST session (Missions Oriented Simulation Training).

These simulation sessions allow crew members to develop efficiently and sustainably their non-technical skills (decision making, Situation Awareness, cooperation, leadership).



The Pr Hubert team and STAN Institute experts have elaborated specific sessions, declined from MOST missions. Called Robotic NoTechS (Non Technical Skills), they are adapted to the specificities of robotic surgery (elles sont adaptées aux spécificités de la chirurgie robotique (distance between the surgeon at the console and the rest of his team, need for secure communications, etc.).

The « robot team »  have now at their disposal a tool enabling them to optimize their individual and collective skills.


3 complementary workshops

Sensations, simulations, applications

Potentiel individuel Apprenez à exploiter votre plein potentiel

08h30. Welcome and presentation

General presentation
Keys to a good management team

10h00. Fly on F15

Management of the unknown
Complex management

13h00. XTT simulator

The secrets of synergy
Secure communication

15h00. da-Vinci Robot - Dry Lab

Performance and safety
Situational awarness

17h00. General debriefing


This program can evolve with educational needs

Price list

Team Training in robotic surgery
  • « Team Training in robotic surgery» course
  • 1 day, 7 hours
  • from 2 to 6 people
  • binomial training
€590 per person



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