A new dimension in the reinforcement

of individual and collective skills

Rafale-STAN-Institute-Team-TrainingIn traditional training courses, the participants are seldom put under direct, objective observation of their behaviour and professional practices. However this is a necessary step if they are to develop their own strategies to optimise their skills, in keeping with their own individual  and team characteristics. Non-technical skills include decision-making, Situational Awareness, cooperation and leadership.

The education team at STAN Institute has adapted the MOST programmes from the air force to the specific requirements of the medical world. The sessions of MTT or Medical Team Training that they’ve created lead healthcare teams to analyse their own actions for “fitness for purpose”, and to work as a team to identify avenues for improvement. Surgical teams are filmed in the OR during real or simulated operations. They then analyse video extracts as a group, so as to determine as a team how best to optimise their individual and collective skills.