From Aviation to Healthcare




Many publications compare aeronautical and medical environments. Most of them show similarities between those two risky activities.

Thanks to its experience in aviation, the STAN Institute team acquire expertise in Human Factors and safety, and transposed its knowledge to the medical field.


STAN Institute in a Few Figures

STAN Institute experience with Healthcare Teams

6 years

Surgeons, Nurses and Engineers from all over the world

2000+ Trainees

Satisfaction Reviews

4,9 / 5

About Us

Trainers for Robotic Surgical Teams,
and Experts in Medical Crew Resource Management©.

We coach public and private hospitals’ teams in Europe
and work with the Advent Health Nicholson Center in the USA.


Président de la société

Jean-Pierre Henry

linkedin Jean Pierre Henry

I am flying the Mirage 2000D as a navigator since 1997. My duties in the French Air Force conducted me to develop expertise in Flight Safety and Human Factors.

Passionate by these topics, I had the willing to share them with other risks systems actors, such as the medical ones.

I am an ICN Business School Affiliated Teacher, at the Human Resources and Organization Behavior Department.

Jean-Pierre Henry

Marjorie Mazeau

linkedin Marjorie Mazeau

Since 2006, I coach people to develop their technicals and non-technicals skills : communication, decision making, awareness …

I’ve trained fighter pilots and weapon systems officers for 10 years in the French Air Force.

At the STAN Institute, I propose to the healthcare teams my experience of teaching through simulation.

Erwan de Penfentenyo

Erwan de Penfentenyo de Kervereguen

linkedin Erwan de Penfentenyo

I’ve worked for 14 years as Captain flying C130 Hercules and C160 Transall. My 8500 flight hours helped me to develop my skills of multidisciplinary teams management.

As an aeronautics accident investigator, I am familiar with investigation methods, systemic approach and analysis, leading to reports and recommendations.

I’ve developed, at the STAN Institute, a real expertise in robotic surgical system. I’m open to sharing my knowledge during our training sessions with surgeons, nurses and biomedical engineers.

Our medical experts