A unique facility in Europe

A unique facility dV-Trainer Mimic in Europe

dV-Trainer simulators are perfectly adapted for those learning the fundamentals of robotic surgery.

You can repeat a technical movement at will, without any risk to a patient, and at a lower cost than for training with a robot. The simulators used at the STAN Institute are well adapted for training both surgeons and assistants. We have:

  • The Mimic dV-Trainer, which is the only da Vinci simulator approved by Intuitive Surgical, manufacturer of the da Vinci robot. It accurately reproduces the functions of the robot in order to optimise development of a surgeon’s technical skills.
  • The Mimic XTT (Xperience Team Trainer) simulator incorporates the tools usually used by the assistant. Totally new, its use in conjunction with a dv-Trainer allows training in aspects of teamwork that are specific to robotic surgery.
  • The DVSS (da Vinci Skills Simulator) consists of a backpack, coupled to a real da Vinci surgical console using Mimic Technologies’ software to reproduce exercises from the dV-Trainer.
  • Assistants will also use the Simbionix Lap Mentor, for laparoscopy training.
  • For the lucky ones, we can also give you an opportunity to access our jet-fighter simulator. Take control of an F15 Eagle and experience the incredible sensations of combat aviation.

These simulators are used in particular during the training course of the robotic surgery Diploma.

Simulateur Expérience Team Training Mimic
Mimic Technologies’ XTT is ideal for the Team Training Course


The dV-Trainer and XTT tandem simulator allow simultaneous learning for both surgeon and assistant. They are used for active preparation in the Team Training course, not only on the technical side for active cooperation between theatre personnel, but also for improvements to the quality of communication, synergy and situational awareness.

Surgical robots

da Vinci robots will be at your disposal so that you can discover everything about their use, in both technical and non-technical terms. The “da Vinci” will be used intensively during training of the Inter University Diploma of Robotic surgery.


Once you have acquired technical skills on the simulators, you will implement them through work on a da Vinci robot, initially during “Dry Lab” sessions.


This practice allows students to be able to reproduce at first the exercises seen at the simulators. After this period of familiarization, they can practice as closer as they will do on porcine model exercises.


The STAN Institute team attaches great importance to the work in pairs trainees. When switching to “Dry Lab” they can begin to implement the views sitting on the XTT.


Surgeons, nurses and even engineers practice this step to finely understand the interactions within the team. This step allows us to be fully aware of the importance of communication or of the situational awareness.



Then we move on to “Wet Lab” (or “pig lab”) sessions, during which you will work on a porcine model. The procedure “Wet Lab” is the same for everyone, it’s a general procedure and thus adapt to all specialties of robotic surgery. This passage is compulsory for obtaining the Diploma of robotic surgery in Nancy.

Robots chirurgicaux Wet ou Pig Lab
da Vinci robot use in Wet Lab and Dry Lab sessions