STAN Institute was at ERUS 2015 last week in Bilbao, Spain, from 15-17 September 2015. The STAN Institute team was involved in providing HOT (Hands-On Training) sessions for the juniors. We were also involved in the use of Maestro AR.

The Mimic Maestro AR (augmented reality) course for partial nephrectomy was a great success. It’s an interactive training tool which is specific to the procedures developed in collaboration with Inderbir S. Gill MD MCh and Andrew J. Hung MD of the Keck School of Medicine at USC, Los Angeles. It’s available exclusively on the DV-Trainer®.  Maestro AR confers the substantial benefit that the trainer can follow the procedure closely with the operator, and can develop a surgeon’s skills through continuous assessment.

ERUS-2015-STAN-Institute-MimicA co-operative approach by teams from STAN Institute and Mimic Technologies made for considerable advances in the skills of surgeons who wanted an introduction to robotic surgery, and in particular to the da Vinci robot from Intuitive Surgical. With new products arriving on the market, ERUS was an important place for implementing and promoting them.

For the next training courses at STAN Institute, in November and December (click here for more information), Mimic will be providing a new and unique debriefing tool which allows trainees to be followed in real time. The trainers will be able to respond fast and effectively to the needs of surgeons, nurses and even engineers. This training tool is essential for the provision of training at the highest level, especially in the environment of robotic surgery.


For those who don’t yet know Bilbao, it’s a city worth exploring. Apart from the Guggenheim Museum, there’s the typical architecture of the region, and the restaurants are attractive.

Our thanks to Professor Alexander Mottrie for the welcome he gave at ERUS; the organisation was perfect.

A date for your diaries for next year: ERUS 2016 will take place in Milan. We’ll be delighted to see you there.